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Types of Curlers: Which Hair Rollers Are Best For You?

Do you want to know which type of curler is best for your hair?

Curling hair is a centuries-old tradition, but modern technology has given us plenty of options when it comes to styling our locks.

There are tons of different curlers out there for all sorts of hair types and styles. If you've ever wondered which type is right for your face shape or what the difference between foam and metal rollers is, keep reading!

We're here to help you sort through your options.

This article will look at the types of hair rollers and the types of hair suited to each.

8 Different Types of Hair Rollers for Various Hair Types

We have listed down some of the best types of hair rollers for your different types of hair.

So, let’s check them out!

Plastic Wrap Hair Rollers

One of the best types of hair rollers is plastic wrap hair rollers if you want tight spiral curls. These are the OG curlers on the market - they're nothing special or complicated, just plastic wrapped around some wire that heats up in about 5 minutes on your stovetop.

They give you very smooth and create tight spiral curls that look great under any updo style and regardless of your hair length. These are an excellent value because they're inexpensive and versatile.

You can also use these tight curls on damp hair

They can be reused, and they work for all hair types, but you might find that the tightest curls come from those made with high-quality materials.

Hot rollers

The most common types of hair rollers are hot rollers. Hot rollers use heat to "set" the dry hair in place, but they also work well for a natural look.

Curl your hair as usual, and when it's almost dry. It's easy to use hot rollers, you need to take sections of hair and roll up in the hot rollers.

Then either leave in overnight or hold the hot rollers in place with a clip until you're ready to take them out again. The hot rollers will help set each curl for lasting results that won't have any kinks or bends as they create tight curls.

Although heated rollers are considered the best hair styling tool, avoid using these on damp hair since they can damage your thin hair as they are heat rollers.

Hot roller size:

A standard-sized hot roller measures about 1 inch across, which is perfect for medium-length to long hair. It takes just five minutes to get enough warmth going so you can start rolling your hair. And once the curler cools down, it's not too hot to handle.

Velcro Rollers

Velcro rollers are very similar to plastic wrap curlers, but these have a velcro cover on top instead of plastic.

The benefit of this cover is that it speeds up drying time because heat can escape through the small holes between each velcro strip; these are used on wet hair

You also get more defined curls with velcro rollers than you would with plastic wrap rollers - if your hair is thin or medium thickness, velcro rollers will give you pin-straight ringlets, and they'll last all day.

If your hair is thick or coarse, you'll still get results, but it'll take longer to heat up, and the curls won't hold as well.

Damp Curlers

Now we're getting into curly territory! These are non-heated hair rollers and are similar to velcro rollers, but they have a waterproof cover, so you don't have to use hairspray.

The only difference is that damp curlers will leave your locks really soft - not great for thick hair because it's hard to get any grip on the curler. Moreover, these curlers can work on wet hair since they have a waterproof cover.

Foam Hair Rollers

Foam rollers are also known as sponge rollers and these sponge rollers are the ultimate comfort curlers - they're soft and squishy, so you can put any amount of tension on your hair, leading to minimal tangles.

If you have short or fine hair that's difficult to hold a curl through, these are great because they'll prevent breakage.

They're also perfect for creating lush volume in wet hair by placing them under loose curls at the root. They come in all different sizes to fit your hair type.

Ceramic Hair Rollers

Ceramic hair rollers are very similar to foam rollers, but they often have metal teeth inside the velcro cover, which speeds up styling time. As well as being faster to dry, these curlers heat up very evenly and retain heat for longer than others.

You can expect your curls to last all day (and night!) because the ceramic exterior holds in moisture.

The downside is that they're heavy and bulky, so make sure you have enough counter space!

Jumbo Hair Rollers

Jumbo hair rollers are the big guns - they're perfect for hair that needs a lot of volume or if you want to add length and fullness by rolling large sections of hair around them.

If you have fine hair, jumbo rollers will give your locks more hold, but avoid this option if you have thick or coarse hair because it'll be difficult to remove.

Try wrapping jumbo curlers in a towel before applying heat to speed up the curling process.

Conical Hair Rollers

Conical rollers are ideal for anyone looking for a perfectly round curl - they're cone-shaped and get wider towards the ends, so you get that signature beachy look.

These get very hot, so don't use them if your hair is thick or coarse!

If you have fine hair, it's easy to curl your locks with these, but you'll need plenty of hairsprays or dampening before you put them in.

These can also be used as jumbo rollers if you wrap them in a towel first!

Other Type of Hair Rollers:

The following are other types of hair rollers that can best fit your hair texture:

  • Ribbon rollers
  • Rag rollers
  • Perm rods
  • Bendy rollers
  • Magnetic hair rollers
  • Brush rollers
  • Flexi rods
  • Steam rollers

Which Hair Rollers Are The Best For Your Hair?

We girls can't live without curling tools, but how do we know what kind of curler is best for our hair type?

Luckily for you, we've scoured the web to find out which hair roller will work best with your mane, so you never have bad hair. 

Coarse Hair: Foam Rollers

Coarse and thick locks need strong support, and these hair rollers will give you a tight grip - plus, foam rollers are perfect for creating volume at the root.

When it comes to re-styling your 'do, foam rollers can be difficult because they start to slip out of place after a while.

Medium Hair: Ceramic Hair Rollers

If you have thick locks, but you don't want them weighing down your hair, try ceramic rollers - these hold in moisture and protect your strands from heat damage by evenly distributing heat.

Once heated, they'll stay hot for around 10 minutes, which is one of the most extended holding times on the market!

After using these curlers, make sure you brush through with a paddle brush for extra shine!

Fine Hair & Wet Hair: Velcro Hair Rollers

Fine and thin hair tends to fall flat, but curlers are the perfect solution! Velcro rollers are specially designed, so your tresses stay in place without leaving any creases.

If you have fine or thin hair, these won't weigh it down, plus they come at every size so that you can use them for volume at the root too. These take longer to heat up than other curlers, which is their only downside.

 Short Hair: Clipless Curlers

Short locks are notoriously tricky to curl because they're usually very fine or stick-straight, but clipless curlers solve that problem!

They're incredibly lightweight and low profile - great if you want bouncy curls or beachy waves.

But take note, clipless curlers leave creases if you don't brush them out properly, so make sure your hair is 100% dry before use.

Longer Hair: Waver / Curling Iron Combination

Long locks are beautiful and all, but sometimes they're just too difficult to style! If you have long hair but want a quick and easy curling solution, try using a waver/curling iron combination set.

It's perfect for creating loose, carefree waves because the barrel is made from ceramic plates that glide effortlessly through your mane.

Plus, if you know how to work a waver properly, this method creates those less 'S-shaped curls than regular curling irons, so you'll look as though you've spent hours on your hair.

4 Steps to Use Hair Rollers for Smooth Curls

Step 1: Choosing The Right Size Hair Rollers For Your Hair Type/Length/Style

First, you need to choose the right size roller for your hair type. Make sure you pick a roller that keeps your hair off your neck and any other part of your body, as this will allow for the best results.

If you have short or medium-length hair, we recommend using small or medium hair rollers. Large ones are only suited to long/very long hair!

Small: 1"

Medium: 1-1/2"

Large: 2"

Step 2: Preparing Your Hair With Setting Lotion

Now it's time to prep your locks with setting lotion, which helps hold them in place, enhances curls, and keeps them looking shiny, bouncy, and beautiful all day long.

You can use setting lotion on dry or wet hair, but we recommend using a heat-protecting serum beforehand if you have dry hair.

With wet hair: Apply setting lotion to your locks from root to tip, comb through, and then roll your hair quickly into the roller.

With dry hair: Rub some setting lotion between your hands and then scrunch it into your locks before rolling them up in the hair roller.

Step 3: Pin Your Curls In Place

Now that you have conditioned and rolled your curls, you need to pin them in place while they set.

You can use bobby pins or special curl pins for this - don't worry about what style of pin you use and whether they're matching (unless you want them too!) because once the pins are covered, foam all will be hidden!

Step 4: Setting Your Hair

It's time to set your hair using either a blow dryer or by letting it air dry.

If you choose the latter, wait around 15 minutes before removing the hair rollers - just enough time for them to "set" so your curls will be locked in place until you take them out!

First, remove the clips holding your curls in place and gently unravel the hair by pulling it apart at the roots.

Spray each curl with holding hairspray to seal in shine and hold your style together.

Then let nature do its thing! This may not be a quick fix but in most cases, allowing your natural locks to become big bouncy waves is worth waiting a few extra minutes for.

And now you know how to use hair rollers!

Key Takeaway

It doesn't matter what kind of curlers you have at home - any style will be better than none at all! But if you want to maximize your results and save time in the morning, it's best to use a combination of curlers that suit your hair type.

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