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The Benefits of Rosemary Oil: How it Helps Hair Growth & More

Rosemary has been part of the human culture since time immemorial and has been used in different forms and ways.

You might have used or seen someone else use rosemary to season food or even added it to your tea, but did you know rosemary can be great for your hair as well?

Let's explore the different ways you can use rosemary oil to promote hair growth, treat hair loss such as alopecia areata, revive the health of your dry hair, etc.

Rosemary oil is a natural remedy with scientific evidence on its potential hair growth benefits and so much more health benefits for the human body.

Despite its name, it's not an actual oil with fat but rather distilled from the rosemary leaves into carrier oils. You can easily buy the rosemary essential oil from the store or decide on making your own from scratch.

Rosemary oil has such a distinct and pleasant smell making it one of the best essential oils used for aromatherapy in most parts of the world.

Rosemary oil properties

The Benefits of Rosemary Oil

The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties

The anti-inflammatory properties of rosemary oil make it an excellent choice for both long-term or short-term inflammation of the joints which tends to be the root cause of most common ailments.

Due to its anti-bacterial properties, it can also be applied topically to alleviate skin irritation by helping the body fight harmful bacteria and germs.

This comes in handy for people with sensitive skin or an itchy scalp and who are looking for a natural solution without the risk of exposing themselves to many chemicals.

Aromatherapy for memory improvement

Studies have shown that the rosemary plant can be a cognitive stimulant that can help one improve their alertness, focus and intelligence hence not only improving the mental properties of a person but also the quality of their cognitive abilities.

The next time you are struggling reading a book, put a few drops of rosemary essential oil in a diffuser or apply it on your neck to get its full benefits.

Anti-microbial properties to heal your skin

Acne, dermatitis, and eczema can all be treated with rosemary oil because of its antibacterial properties.

It's a wonderful addition to any moisturizer because it not only hydrates and nourishes the skin which improves blood circulation on your skin it also fights any present harmful microorganisms.

To use rosemary oil on a daily basis, simply add it to your skin moisturizer.

Apply 5 drops of rosemary oil diluted in 1 teaspoon of carrier oil such as coconut oil on trouble spots.

Don't worry about your face being oily, it works in a way that removes the excessive oil from your skin.

Achieve a Full Head of Hair

When massaged into the scalp, rosemary essential oil has been shown to boost new hair growth by dilating the blood vessels, stimulating nerve growth this will definitely encourage hair growth.

Rosemary oil is an excellent tonic for general any hair type health and beauty since it decreases hair graying, increases shine, and prevents and relieves dandruff.

It is however important to do a patch test to see if you might be allergic to it or work to balance the rosemary concentrate before using it for your hair care regime.


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How to use rosemary oil for hair

how to use rosemary oil hair

Stimulates hair growth

Rosemary oil has been studied and may increase hair growth similarly to drugs like minoxidil.

Most patients with certain types of hair loss such as thinning hair tend to be stimulating hair growth over time when using the rosemary leaf extract or its essential oil form consistently.

The DHT caused by excessive testosterone makes the hair follicles weak by shrinking them thus the hair shaft tends to be thinner and way brittle and later leads to hair loss such as male pattern baldness.

Women produce testosterone like men but in small quantities, this is the reason you will find that the male pattern baldness is quite common in men.

The most common cause of hair loss in women as compared to men might be chronic hair pulling while styling.

However, to mitigate hair loss or promote hair regrowth has a lot to do with your scalp and blood circulation, and with the wide array of hair loss treatments in the market today, you need to be careful and sure of what you put on your hair.

Rosemary oil works wonders in promoting hair growth, and if combined with other powerful products such as peppermint oil or aloe vera you will be well on your journey to healthy hair growth.

Soothes the scalp

The anti-inflammatory properties found in rosemary oil are the ones also found in carnosic acid and are known to be highly restorative in skin and tissues.

This makes rosemary oil an excellent remedy for scalp irritation caused by a dry scalp and overall improves scalp health.

The Rosemary Mint Scalp oil for hair growth can be a perfect solution in such a scenario.

Reduces shedding and Hair loss.

Rosemary oil prevents breakage and improves the scalp environment, both of which help prevent thinning hair.

Broken or damaged hair can lead to baldness, as can scarring that impedes the growth and function of the hair follicle.

In addition to medical treatments like chemotherapy, Telogen effluvium stressors or sicknesses, immune system reactions, age, and hormonal changes or genetic conditions can all be precursors causing hair loss.

How can rosemary oil benefit my hair?

hair benefits of rosemary oil essential

Combine it with another carrier oil.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate rosemary in your daily routine is to add rosemary oil to any hair oil of your choice, i.e. lavender oil, coconut oil, etc.

You can also combine the rosemary essential oil with other essential oils such as cedarwood oil for hair growth.

Using undiluted Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract is not a great idea for it might lead to skin or scalp irritation.

Incorporate into your regular shampoo or conditioner for best results.

Adding it to your homemade shampoo or gentle cleansers is a great way to reap the benefits while you wash your hair.

To ensure that the product is removed completely, wash your hair thoroughly after use.

You can also opt to do a rosemary vinegar rinse, which is basically mixing the rosemary oil with white vinegar.

This will definitely reduce product build-up and you will see more hair growth compared to just using the rosemary oil for hair that is already dry.

Considerations for different hair types

hair types rosemary oil benefits health

Experts, including those who specialize in color-treated hair, agree that rosemary oil is safe for all hair types

Rosemary essential oil can weigh down fine hair, just like other oils, but those with oily hair or hair that has been damaged, broken, or is thinning may benefit the most from using rosemary oil.


What are the precautions when using rosemary oil?

When using any kind of essential oils, rosemary essential oil included, be careful not to put them in your eyes, and in case that happens quickly rinse your eyes with cool water and be sure to seek medical attention.

As you apply rosemary oil directly to your scalp be sure to use it sparingly since it tends to irritate if applied in huge amounts. You can also dilute it with essential oils such as jojoba oil to avoid any kind of discomfort.

Since there is still a lot to be studied on this amazing oil, be careful when using it for babies under 3 years and pregnant women.

How much Carrier oil can I mix with rosemary oil?

This will depend on the age of the person using the essential oil, for kids below the age of six, mix one drop of rosemary oil with a tablespoon of carrier oil of your choice i.e. olive oil but for adults, you can use up to 3 drops of rosemary oil for a tablespoon of essential oils.

Can you orally ingest rosemary oil?

In some cases, rosemary oil can be ingested in very small amounts in either food or drinks, otherwise if taken in large quantities you might risk harming your stomach, uterus, kidneys, or even your skin

Is rosemary oil safe to leave in my hair all night?

As long as you do not have sensitive skin, it is safe to leave rosemary oil in your hair overnight.

Otherwise, dilute the rosemary oil by adding it to coconut or olive oil.

How can I stimulate my hair follicles?

Take a spoonful of olive, coconut, or jojoba oil and massage it into your scalp for five minutes to stimulate your hair follicles.

Adding 3-4 drops of rosemary essential oil or peppermint oil to any hair oil may promote hair growth.

Final Words

The Benefits of Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil for hair growth and treating hair loss is a practice that has been there for ages and will be one of the natural preferred ways of combating hair loss.

Take a chance now and use rosemary oil for your hair needs, it might end up being the best decision you make in regards to your hair health.

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