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The Best New Hairstyles for Men with Thinning Hair

Thinning hair can be one of the most difficult aspects for men to deal with, especially when it comes to hairstyles. This is why we have put together a list of hairstyles that are perfect for men with thinning hair and will help you look your best!

What is thinning hair and why does it happen?

Thin hair is a problem for many men. It can be caused by genetics, age, over styling or even health problems. When you have thinning hair it can make hairstyling difficult.

The best hairstyles for thinning hair are ones that cover the top of the head and leave plenty of room on either side to show off your hairstyle. If you want to know more about what causes thinning hair, read below! 

Thinning hair usually starts with the crown where there is less density than elsewhere on the head. As time goes on, this balding pattern moves down in an "M" shape until eventually only minimal hair remains at forehead level.

Thin hair happens when hair follicles get smaller and produce less hair than normal.

Thin hair is more common for men over 30, but can happen at any age due to genetics or other factors such as: 

- Stress

- Poor diet lacking in protein and zinc

- Lack of iron & vitamins B12 & folate (especially if you eat a vegetarian diet) 

- Some medications such as beta blockers and anticonvulsants can contribute to thin hair

- Too much hairstyling (especially heat styling tools like straighteners or curlers)

If you think that your hairstyle might be contributing to the problem, check out our list below for some great hairstyles.


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How to tell if you have thin hair

The first sign of thinning hair is simply noticing that your hairline has receded, and you're left with a ring of hair around the front and sides.


One way to see if you have hair loss at this stage is to measure the circumference of your head, which will give you an idea of how much scalp is showing.


Another way is to grab a handful of strands on either side of your forehead and pull them straight out from your head-if any break or come out easily then there's no need for panic: it may just be baby fine hairs that are more fragile than usual due to increased sensitivity as we age.


It's important not to confuse male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia or AGA) with balding due to injury, chemotherapy , autoimmune diseases like alopecia areata , and other conditions.

Men's Hairstyles for Thinning Hair (Balding Hairstyles)

The comb over for thin hair

The comb over is a men's hairstyle that originated in the early 1800s and has been a classic ever since. It consists of combing thin hair from the part on one side to cover thinning hair on the other, creating the appearance of a full head of hair.


The style can be pulled off by anyone with thin hair, but it looks best if you have naturally straight or wavy strands rather than curly ones. In addition, those who are balding at your crown should avoid this look as it will only take away from this area.


However, keeping bangs long and sweeping them across your forehead can help disguise hair loss here while also providing some protection for your scalp against sunburn.

A pompadour (a style where your hair is styled in such a way that it covers the bald spot)

A hairstyle popularized by Elvis Presley, the pompadour has been around since at least the 18th century. It features hair on top combed up and away from the forehead. The hair on either side is then swept back and secured with styling products like pomade or gel to create fullness, avoid waxes.


Pompadours are designed for men with a thinning hairline as they cover thinning areas without drawing attention to them. They also work well if you have receding temples as they can camouflage this thinning area while still being fashionable enough to wear every day.


A modern variation of this style is the quiff, which is similar but features more extreme hair styling to add thickness.

Undercut + top knot

What is an undercut + top knot haircut? It's a hairstyle that can be worn anywhere on the head as it's suitable for all types of hair. But, generally undercut+top knots are seen at back or side parts. The undercut should not go beyond the ear line if you're parting it at the front.


If you're parting it in the middle then the undercut should not go past shoulder length unless you want to wear a ponytail or bun with this hairstyle which will give more volume to your thinning locks!


Top knots should ideally be thick and voluminous depending on how much skin shows through your hair.


The undercut + top knot haircut is designed for men who have hair loss or fine, straight strands that are hard to style in a quiff or pompadour .


It gives the appearance of fuller locks without looking too extreme and can be worn with any face shape as it works best on long faces where you want your hair to cover the sides and give a fuller look.


However, it's not recommended for those who have a receding hairline as you'll be drawing attention to your thinning areas.


The undercut + top knot is best suited for men with slightly wavy or straighter hair that falls well naturally without much styling required! It can also work if you have fine hair provided you have enough undercut to comb your top knot up and away from your skin.

Side part haircut for receding hairline

Balding men or those with a receding hairline may feel self-conscious about their hairline. A side part hairstyle can be used to draw attention away from your thin hair spots and make it look as though you have more volume on top.


This side part haircut is a classic look and has been popular for years – with variations such as the comb over side part, pompadour side part and slicked back side part.


It works best on men who have hair which naturally falls to one side of their head, but you can also achieve this style by brushing your hair across from one side to the other and then securing it with pomade.


The side part is the perfect hair cut for balding men who have less hair at their temples or in front of their head as you can use this side swept style to cover your skin and distract from these areas.

A faux hawk (similar to Mohawk) 

The faux hawk is similar to the mohawk hairstyle, but it features shorter hair on either side of your head which are styled upwards and backwards.


The rest of your locks should be left long enough that they can hang down behind or in front of your faux hawk depending on how you style them.


This look works best if your head shape is slightly oblong or if your hair naturally falls to the side.


The faux hawk is a modern look that draws attention upwards and away from any skin showing through on top of your scalp. It's also great for those with a receding hairline as you can style it so there are no visible bald patches!

Long hair, don't care

Extra length on top is a great idea if you're trying to combat long term thin hair as it's very easy to cover up any spots at the front or temples with long locks.


Long hair that falls past your shoulders and onto your back naturally can be styled into loose waves or straightened depending on personal preference – either way will help cover up your thin hair.


However long hair is not ideal if you have a receding hairline as it will distract from the fact that you're trying to cover up those pesky spots!


Alternatively, long quiffs and short back and sides looks can help make long haired men look stylish without drawing too much attention upwards towards your thin hair.


More hair on top can also be achieved with long messy textured cuts that will look modern and stylish.


If your hair grows in a downwards direction then you'll want to style it so the front is thicker than the back, but if it has a slight wave you may prefer to have some volume throughout rather than on just one side of your head.


Short Mohawks

The short mohawk haircut works to help cover up thin hair at your temples, while medium length mohawks can be worn by men with a receding hairline. Hair products such as mousse and pomade will help to add volume to your locks while a mohawk is in place.

Medium Mohawks

Medium length mohawks are another great haircut for men who want to draw attention away from balding areas at their temples or in front of the head.


If you have a receding hairline then this mohawk haircut is best kept long enough that it can be swept up and over your balding patches to create an illusion of fuller, thicker locks.


Men with thin hair can also wear mohawk hairstyles as they are less likely to look too much like the punk mohawks that were popular in the 1980s.

Long Mohawks

Long mohawks look great on men with longer hair that naturally falls towards the side of their head, but be warned – this style can draw attention away from thin hair if you don't keep it stylish!

Slick back

Men with hair loss at their temples should slick back their hair and avoid brushed forward styling. This will draw attention away from any thin hair spots at the top of your scalp by drawing everyone's eyes downwards towards a more prominent part – such as your cheek bones, jawline and even chest!


Slicked back hairstyles are great for men with face shapes that are wider than they are long. This slick back look works best with short to medium length hair and is ideal for receding hairlines as it will draw attention away from your thin hair or bald spots.

Men with curly hair

These men should slick back their locks using a small amount of pomade, gel or hairspray to hold the hair in place.

Men with straight hair

These men will have better luck creating this slick look by brushing your tresses towards one side before sliding them into place and then smoothing down any stray hairs that are out of place.


This is the best haircut for balding hair as it's relatively low maintenance and is easy to style into place. Spikes can be worn with a short crew cut if you're trying to cover up thinner areas, or you can buzz your hair around the crown for more punk retro vibes.


It's a masculine style crew cut that's casual enough to be worn every day (or at least five days out of seven) and you can make it look as messy or tidy as you like. Men with thin hair will notice that a shaved sides with tapered fade or skin fade makes it look thicker.

Buzz cut

One of the best haircuts for men suffering from thinner hair is a buzz cut as it is so easy to style. Simply buzz the hair at the sides and back of your head, then use some styling products on top for those who want slicked styles like Jason Statham or Jude Law or simply leave as is if you're going for more natural looks.


At the same time, the buzz cut is a great haircut for men with a receding hairline, especially if they buzz the sides and back of their head with a taper fade. If your buzz cut is long enough to taper at the sides, you can even pretend that there's more hair on top by brushing it down over any thinner hair.


Buzz cut haircuts are also a great choice if you have thicker or wavy locks as they're easy to style with light hold styling paste or wax and will add volume to your hair, making it look thicker than it really is.


Men with bald spots, receding hairline or those who want to look stylish without having to put too much effort into their hairstyles will find buzz cuts haircuts a great option as short hair is easy to style.

High and Tight

Haircuts for balding men such as the high and tight are common among military men and high school athletes.


This short hair crew cut is popular because it doesn't require too much work to style, but still makes you stand out from the crowd due to its high contrast visual appeal.


A receding hairline can be balanced out with high and tight haircuts, especially if you choose a hair color that contrasts well against your skin tone.


For example, men who have darker hair should look for high and tights that are lighter at the tips as this will take away from their face instead of letting it drift towards balding areas.

BONUS: Facial Hair

Full Beards

A full beard instead of a shave is a great idea for balding men who are trying to cover up their bald head as facial hair will draw the eye down towards your facial features.


It's important to remember that beard styles are not created equal when it comes to balding men.


A full beard is best suited to men with strong chins and jawlines, otherwise you run the risk of drawing attention towards your weaker features rather than away from them!


In this case a full shave is your best option, but if you can't bear to shave and part with that beard then consider leaving it a little shorter on the sides and investing in some beard products such as beard oil or beard shampoo.

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